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Al-Karim Foundation's commitment to its stakeholders

Our Beneficiaries - who are our priority!

We undertake to maintain the dignity of all our beneficiaries.  Where we are able to help, we undertake to provide that help in a sustained, meaningful, timely and adequate manner so as to provide the benefit as intended.

Our Bone Marrow Donors - who save lives!

We undertake to ensure that all support is available to bone marrow donors in the aftermath of a bone marrow donation and undertake to provide all required liaison between the bone marrow donor and all the registries and medical institutions.

Our Donors - who rebuild lives!

We undertake to apply the full 100% of your received donation and a proportion of any Gift-aid recovered on your donation(s) to the stated causes.  We will supply you information, with receipts and with feedback in a timely manner.  At the end of each financial year, we will publish the proportion of recovered Gift-aid that was also used to the stated causes.

Our Volunteers - who  do the work!

We know that our work is only possible through the hard word, dedication and loyalty of our volunteers.  We will always structure our work schedules to allow for family and professional commitments.

Our Volunteer Organisations - who allow us to work!

We undertake to ensure that all aspects of our governance and general "housekeeping" are compliant with best practice in order that all the volunteer organisations which allow us to function can do so with ease.

The Regulatory/Statutory bodies

We undertake to work within the letter and spirit of all the prevailing statutory and regulatory requirements which govern our work, and we undertake to keep ourselves abreast and updated with all prevailing rules governing  all aspects of our work.   Specifically, we undertake to meet all deadlines in dealing with the regulators.

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