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When cancer strikes an individual, quite apart from the personal turmoil which engulfs the individual, the financial and emotional consequences for the family are devastating too.  This is particularly acute where the affected individual is also the main wage-earner for the family.

In the absence of a welfare system (such as is available in the UK and the West) the family may face eviction, hardship with provisions, clothing and subsistence, and also the possibility of withdrawing children from education.

Al-Karim Foundation's second primary objective is, "To alleviate financial hardship caused by the incapacity of the wage-earner through cancer (or a related illness) in the Indian Subcontinent."

Al-Karim Foundation is working with cancer hospitals and clinics in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to identify deserving families.  Contact is then made with the families and where acute hardship is identified, help is offered by way of one-off or regular grants.  All regular grants are reviewed periodically.

If you or any of your family or friends have been affected by cancer, you will identify with the turmoil and suffering which accompanies the diagnosis and treatment.  In the West, we are all protected from the financial fallout of the illness through the cushion of the welfare system.  Others are not so fortunate - please help your brothers and sisters in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, where this help is urgently needed.

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