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It is a demographic feature of the UK population that faith groupings largely map onto the ethnic groupings.  This is particularly true of the Indian Subcontinent ethnicities in the UK.

As a direct result of this, the work of Al-Karim Foundation with the Muslim segment of the UK population is being replicated by the other Subcontinent faiths to provide the largest reach into the UK's ethnic community.

Al-Karim Foundation's first primary objective is, "To increase awareness and education within the UK resident Indian Subcontinent ethnicities, of the urgent need to become bone marrow donors."

To achieve this, Al-Karim Foundation has developed various Partnership Programmes (with mosques, institutions of further and higher education, the professions, other charities and the media) to alloe for an effective reach into the affected community.

Anthony Nolan Trust, the foremost bone marrow registry in the world, is partnering Al-Karim Foundation through providing relevant training and help with informing the ethnic community about the processes involved in registering and what donating bone marrow actually entails.

Al-Karim Foundation will not seek to replicate the work of the bone marrow registries but rather complement their efforts in reaching out to the Indian Subcontinent ethnicities.

Visit the British Bone Marrow Registry website

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