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Most people now have experience of cancer either through a personal encounter, or through the experiences of a close relative or friend.

Where treatment requires a bone marrow transplant, as with leukaemia for example, the ethnic minorities in the UK (mainly those from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) suffer the most, as there are insufficient bone marrow donors on the relevant registries in the UK.

Al-Karim Foundation is actively engaged in a programme of raising awareness amongst the affected ethnic groups to help remedy this situation.

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Furthermore, where the main wage-earner is affected with cancer, the consequences for the immediate family can also be  devastating.  The loss in household income exacerbates the family's suffering.  This is especially acute in those countries where there is no welfare safety-net.

Al-Karim Foundation is working with cancer care hospitals in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to support affected families with regular and one-off grant especially  where the loss in household income means loss of accommodation, withdrawing children from education, and provisions' hardship.

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