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Al-Karim Foundation registered as a Registered Charity (No. 1151882) in 2013, even though we have been supporting families afflicted with cancer for several years in the Subcontinent.  The formalisation of our work as a Registered Charity means we can start to become more effective and aid others more.

The first Trustees of Al-Karim Foundation have all had first hand experiences of dealing with cancer in the family, and understand fully all the implication and hardships which afflict a family unit when cancer strikes.  The Trustees are Shuaib Yusaf, Tehsin Yusaf and Saleem Butt.  Shuaib contracted leukaemia in 2001 and his subsequent  treatment and experiences have been the driver for Tehsin and him to start Al-Karim Foundation to help others cope with and lessen the effects of the personal tragedies which afflict a family affected with cancer.

We hope, via use of our proven SNER tool kit, to increase substantially the number of bone marrow donors on the UK bone marrow registries.  We also hope to continue and expand upon our work in assisting families in the Subcontinent that are financially devastated too as a result of cancer in the family.

Shuaib is a qualified insurance professional with an actuarial, fund management and compliance background gained through working in a leading financial services BPO international organisation.  Shuaib is also active in the Muslim charity sector having served as General Manager at Al-Khair Foundation (one of the foremost international disaster relief NGO.)  As one of the Trustees of Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre, he is also active in community matters and holds various Chairs including that of the IAG and (previously) Faiths Together in Croydon.

Saleem Butt is an IT professional who is programme managing various international projects for a leading Japanese ICT company.  Saleem is taking a lead managing the operations of Al-Karim Foundation.

Al-Karim Foundation is fortunate to have secured the services of various professionals who are volunteering their time and expertise to advancing the charity's causes.

Al-Karim Foundation is regulated by the following UK authorities,

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